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Always New

Remember the excitement you felt the first time you rode a horse? That feeling never goes away for many horse people. I'm always looking forward to what each ride is going to be because it's NEVER the same ride twice. Even if you ride with the same routine, no two rides are the same. It's one of the reasons I love to ride so much. There are too many environmental and individual variables to count. I do know one thing - I will learn or feel something new every single time. Riding is an adventure that we can't predict. Let's listen to our horses. What makes them happy? They deserve as much happiness as they provide for us. The next time you ride, think of the joy, excitement and happiness you had when you first started riding. Do you still get the butterflies when you go see your horse? Let's never forget why we ride.

Laura and Brandy at SJ Riding Camp 19777

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