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Embrace the Change

Updated: May 29

How quickly life changes! We ask our horses to adjust to change calmly, so I'll try to adjust to my change gracefully. The good part about not working full time at the camp is that the shop is open more, I have more time for my horses, and I'm addressing my mental health needs. I sound calm about the change now, but it was a huge blow to realize that I had to remove myself from toxicity. I won't go into details. At my age, I know when a situation is not going to be good for me. I will acknowledge that my depression and anxiety need drastic treatment. I'll be doing esketamine treatments over the next 3 months or so. Shop openings are posted on Facebook for the upcoming week. I'm not sure what all my treatment dates will be, so we all have to be flexible. Change inevitably arises beyond our control. What we can control is how we go with the flow or fight it. Let's think on this a minute. We take our horses out to places they've never been and expect them to behave like it's any other day. I'm taking a lesson from horse training and applying it to myself. At first I was not so chill about having to quit the job. I'm in the 'go with the flow' stage now only after grief and anger. My main concern is my health. Then I also have to consider my mother's health and my horses' health.

It's not easy when plans don't work the way you think they will. It's important to see the roses amongst the thorns. I'm inside more during a time when the weather is not cooperating. I truly have no interest in riding when the humidity, heat and bugs will ruin the enjoyment of the ride. It seems that January and July are just not good months for riding. That's fine for the horses, and us, to have some time off to just relax or take care of other chores during those times. Remember to check the Blazing Saddles page for opening times. And you can always check the inventory online at Thank you for supporting small business!

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