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News and Updates!

Hello my lovely friends and patrons, I would like to catch you all up to date :) Yes, the shop will still be open! From May to September, hours will be Thursdays, 12-5. October through the end of December will be more hours. This is because of my role as Riding Program Director for SJ Riding Camp in Ellington, CT. I've had this role before, but it was under different ownership then. I've had a long history with the camp, and even had the new owner as a camper! Needless to say, I'm super stoked!

My back is ready for action again after three surgeries in the last 3 years. I feel lighter, more energetic and even younger without the constant pain. I've talked about it in previous posts, but it is even more apparent to me how important it is to take care of our bodies. It seems horse folk are stoic about their pains and injuries- too much so. You've heard the adage before about the cobbler's children going without good shoes... Think of it this way: our horses are much happier if we are happier and healthier. We always seem to feel the need to put the horse first and let our needs get pushed to the wayside. I'm hear to say, we're not doing them any favors by allowing stoicism.

Next, Tag has a new friend who is also an off-track Thoroughbred. Her name is Patsy's Big Girl. I call her Patsy. She has just turned 5 and still growing taller! You can she she dwarfs Tag, and he's no shorty! They will be with me at SJ. She's traveled all over - probably more than I have! She's as sweet as pie, and Uncle Tag is happy to have a friend to boss around. Even though she's bigger than Tag, she defers to his age, experience and plain bossiness. They are for sure happy and love each other as you can tell. I'm excited to work on establishing a relationship with her while not allowing Tag to feel slighted. He is 23 now, and it's time for him to slow down a bit. He would never say that, but his body is saying that! He'll be on Equioxx until his last days-ugh- I don't want to think about that yet.

It's great to be in a happy and full life space. Mom is feeling great after her heart surgery. She is so happy to be gardening again. The house is always abloom. Rosie, the kitty, is happy to be able to go out on "her" porch again now that the weather is gorgeous and warm. You can catch up with me Thursday evenings at Stafford Cidery or at one of Dennis's gigs. I always share the dates on my personal Facebook page. He's playing in a bunch of band and acoustic iterations all around the area. I go to as many as my schedule allows.

I'll try to be better about posting more often, but I always say that, lol.

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