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Blazing Saddles

If you had asked me five years ago what I'd be doing in 2020, I wouldn't have come close to my current reality. The Grand Opening of my consignment saddle shop is coming up. My mom is healthy and happy. I have a really silly cat and an even goofier horse. I couldn't ask for better friends, especially for bestie, Dennis. I'm looking forward to a riding season that includes time spent at our campsite with Reddington Rock Riding Club, training new horses, continued training with other fun horses and pitching in here and there with summer camp and regional trailering - some for shows. It was the first winter I've taken completely off of riding. While I certainly look forward to the warmer weather and riding, I have been focusing on my mind and body health. The way I approach life and every day living has changed quite a lot. I'm not constantly mapping out my future. I had gotten so used to taking classes, training for some achievement, holding multiple roles of responsibilities with groups and organizations and basically putting my own needs aside until another day that I didn't realize how overwhelmed I had gotten. When you're constantly in that frame of mind, it becomes normal. Well, no wonder I finally burned out. In the past I was stubbornly independent. I didn't want to ask for help. But you know what? No one is a complete island. Love and happiness don't just happen. For whatever reasons, age, experience, knock on the skull, it became clear to me that I was lucky in so many ways that I hadn't realized before. I have a passion in life, and, sadly, there are folks out there that don't know what they love or want.

Life ain't perfect, but I am sure learning how to enjoy the good times. Yup, the grammar queen just used slang. Enough with worry, to hell with stress. Taking it one step at a time is so much nicer. That doesn't mean I'm slowing down completely! I still love to head bang and dance around to music. I'm still going to gallop and jump. Here I am opening a saddle shop! Lots of horse people have the wrong saddles and spend years trying t

o find the right one. I can help horses and their people find the right "shoes"! And I'm going to relish and savor each lovely moment.

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