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I recently got some UV film for the windows at my shop so that I can put saddles and clothing in the window displays and be protected from the strong sun rays. Thankfully, I found video instructions on how to put UV film on windows on Youtube! It's not easy to do, and I found plenty of skillful folks online that know all the tricks. They spent time making video of their skills, so unskilled UV-filmers like me could make it happen. These quick fixes and helpful instructional videos are super for these types of tasks. Horse ownership and riding are NOT 'tasks' that can be mastered like that. Videos, books, auditing clinics and such are supplements to years of experience.

Facebook comments can't replace years of experience. We all see questions on Facebook groups such as, "Here's a picture of my horse. What should I feed for weight gain?" Or, " My horse is really anxious when I take them off property. How do I fix this?" Or, " How do I get my horse to put his head down?" It takes time to understand all the biological ways horses are different from humans. These differences explain how and why horses can be managed to live with humans. I'm super concerned that folks really think that they can get horse management and riding knowledge from a Facebook comment. Get the answers to your questions from experts you work with in your daily horse life. I don't believe horses are a hobby. Either you are into it or your not. The risks are too great when folks ride or buy a horse on a whim - to both species.

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