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Spring, Flowers, Sun, Warmth!

Oh yes, it's coming! After a winter of vertebra fusion and no riding, I'm ready for a really great riding season! My goal is to build up our strength and stamina so that we can do trails and hunter paces regularly.

I'm joining a gym that is halfway between my house and the shop. If it's any farther away, I wouldn't end up getting there. Make life easier, not more complicated, right? Last year I had a lot to do to establish the shop with advertising and getting fully set up. That won't take me as much time this year. I'll probably modify the store hours so that I have at least one week day to do training. I'll also have time in the mornings before I open to do some as well. Evenings and weekends will be between my horse and some training horses/riders.

My horse, Tag, is sound, knock on wood, and we're getting some guidance from trainer Leslie Desmond. I've been using an ultrasound machine on my healing broken fingers and neck soft tissues and plan to use it on Tag's ankles and hocks as well. Injections don't usually help too much and certainly not for very long. I went through the injections myself and came to the same conclusion.

Tag has been working out on his own, so I'm the one that has to catch up to him. We'll start out nice and easy. We head up to our site at Reddington Rock Riding Club where we have a paddock, running water, and bathrooms for humans. I take my time tacking up and we head out to the adjoining state forest trails and roads. Any time you've had off means that the process of getting back your stamina will be in short trots or canters and lots of walking. And more walking up and down hills and everywhere. I sometimes get off and walk part of the time as well.

I'm hoping the trails aren't as crowded as they were when Covid was in full swing. Now things have opened up, maybe we'll have fewer hikers. They were never a problem so much as the cars that would go down the road portions and the startle of coming around a corner at a fast clip and seeing a family of four with a dog or a mountain biker. Share the trails! And the after 'party' back at the camp is always fun. Cheers to a much-needed happy riding season!!

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