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Tagalicious Finds Friends

Yes, the weather has been great for riding and outdoor work. Tag is at summer camp making friends as work on his pasture at home continues. The grass is growing without his heavy hooves and the dampness in the back section now has a trench which has dried up and then will be filled with drainage materials. Additional sand will be added as a 'workout' mat for Tag's hard pounding. He's 22 and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I rode him once at camp - he was PERFECT! Then he bruised his leg fooling around! After a few metaphorical heart attacks and 16 x-rays later, it's just a bruise. Still, we are only grooming and hanging out for a couple of weeks. He's living with a TB mare named Gigi. She's a cutie but getting over a surprise pregnancy loss. We're going slowly and gently with her. Poor girl relies on Tag as her protector, which is a role he has taken patiently. That's what I love about Tag - he loves to party but he knows when to reel it in and be solid. I think he's helping her see the joy in life.

At the shop, we're doing a bit of remodeling. Dennis will always have his music space though! I picked up an 8-saddle swivel rack. The rear-facing saddle racks are being replaced with more of the front facing kinds. I brought in a bunch more product and folks have been coming from all surrounding states. Customers are pleased with the selection of all kinds of saddles. March was okay and April was hopping. Arts on Main will be hosting music in the square down the a few doors down with some really impressive line-ups. Remodeling should be done by mid-June just in time for an author signing with international trainer Leslie Desmond, July 8th, 5-6. More information will be found in Steed Read, Facebook events and my website coming soon.

I was the guest speaker for the Connecticut Horse Council Patrol meeting a couple weeks ago. I spoke about teaching and learning aspects of working with horses. The largest obstacle is the language difference between human and horse. I'm here at the store Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 12-5, if you'd like to stop in with questions. And of course, anyone can call for an appointment at any time, (860) 874-1229. After some rocky winter months, I feel great about the season ahead. Thanks for coming down, Laura

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